a seed planted in everyone’s mind, as you learn
more creative things, the notionberry® grows.


notionberry® was founded by Cindy Wan, a chartered accountant turned entrepreneur. notionberry® strives to bring people together through their love of making, creative thinking and plenty of tea!

About Cindy - Founder of notionberry®

My first ever commission was a handmade jacket for my best friend’s cuddly toy, Dino, a red dinosaur she carried everywhere. I was 8 years old. Before you start getting ideas of an elaborate piece worthy of the Downton set, let me tell you it was made from my baby brother’s old hanky and a button I found in my Mum’s sewing box, I was no child genius. But already at that age I was upcycling. My first success lead to a wealth of ambitious plans to make clothes for all my friends’ toys and make enough money to go and visit my Grandma in Hong Kong. I charged 24p for my first jacket.

No more sales came through after that so I decided to be an accountant instead. But I never stopped making things and over the years I sought out all sorts of crafts and sewing projects from origami to lampshade making, crochet to cross stitch and I have always loved teaching my friends too. So after a few years of deliberating I decided to follow my dream, quit the corporate accounting world and open my very own sewing and crafts café, notionberry®.

After the birth of my son, I decided to move away from the cafe and refocus notionberry® back to its original routes; sewing, knitting and crochet workshops and selling beautiful fabrics. This is where my passion truly lies; sharing my love of all things crafty with like-minded people.